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Make Stylish Slideshow from Your Photos and Pictures

Never let your memory fade away & bring them back to life again! With our free slideshow maker you can import your photos and image files to make captivating slideshow video to play and share easily. It can deal with unlimited amount of pictures and rearrange the order. Now make your memories even more special after they are converted to slideshow.


Extraordinary Slideshow with Music and Transition Effects

You don't just get a plain slideshow showing photos one after another - our free slideshow creator can create slideshow video accompanied with music and transition effects. You are allowed to add the music or song of your choice to use as the BGM of the slideshow. Over 150 transition effects makes the appearance of each photo more dynamic, entertaining and eye-catching.


Rediscover Your Past with Families & Friends

Your families and friends may not be beside you while you are in a memorable moment, seeing great views, weird creatures, awesome food or running across celebrities, so why not capture these moments and make them animated slideshow and bring the happiness, surprise and excitement to people you love?


Flexible Output for Universal Playback, DVD Burning, Online Post & More

This slideshow maker software puts you in TOTAL CONTROL of the slideshow qualities like frame rate, bitrate, frame size, thus you can make them compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices as well as suitable for burning video DVD and uploading to video sharing websites for your fans - there are always more usages to explore.


Make Slideshow out of Anything You Fancy, for Anyone

No matter what you are into, you can create a digital album/gallery for it: wallpapers, comics, celebrity street snaps, your selfies... anything you collect that can bring joy. And it'll assist you to be the generous one to create slideshows for your friends and see how grateful they can be!


Free & Easy Slideshow Creation Done in Minutes with No Limit

The slideshow making has never been easier - just input images, add music, hit start and then a multimedia slideshow is done! As an excellent replacement for online slideshow maker, it does not require any connectivity to the internet,saving your trouble from uploading/downloading and potential risks of personal info leaking. It works for 100% free & safe with neither annoying watermark added to resulting slideshow nor limitation of the size and amount of imported images.


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What can you do with Free Video Maker Photo Slideshow Maker

How to Convert Photo to Video??
How to Make Slideshow from Photos and Images?

Whether you're a professional photographer hoping to create elegant slideshows to showcase your art or common people who just want to create unforgettable video presentations to preserve the memory of important events like weddings, Christmas, birthday or graduation party, look no further - our Free Video Maker Photo Slideshow Maker is just what you need. It makes creating stunning slideshow from your memories on your computer as easy as 1-2-3.[More...]

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